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Associated and collaborating companies

Today, the IDF association member companies cover a wide range of sectors, such as car manufacturers like Ford or auxiliary automotive sectors as Industrias Alegre, Industries Ochoa, ICEMI, Automobile Parts Construction and Design Workshop Ltd. or Molla in adapting vehicles for disabled people. Also in other sectors such as automotive trains and trams, the IDF has partners like PROEMISA or XUQUER. It can be seen from the list of companies that a wide range of industrial sectors is covered and that the needs of R&D are multidiscilpinary. As an example, the XUQUER company was originally a manufacturer of containers and is currently involved in the construction of boats, now using the latest technologies. 

Many partners come from the field of automation, electronics and communications as KUKA Robotics, OMRON Electronics, AUTIS Engineers, BALMART Electronic Systems and Communication, Telematics Solutions and Services, etc. Also related to information technology are CT Group Avantek, CENOCLAP, MasMedios, FILMAC or Dimensión Informática currently integrated in INDRA. 

From different sectors are Clariana, in the field of manufacturing quality paper, Vicente Gandia Pla in Vinicola, Products JEMG in polymeric materials, Play-By-Play in the toy industry or SIMERGIA in improving industrial processes, among others.
It is noteworthy that the IDF has associated groups such as the Association of Designers of Valencia, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Children, the Valencian Association of Mold & Dye Businesses as more general or the Valencian Association of Disabled Drivers, to be more specific.
Also, in terms of general partners, the IDF has the Foundation for Development and Innovation of the CV, Feria Valencia and Technical University of Valencia and the Cardenal Herrera CEU.
Furthermore, as customers are almost all IDF technological institutes (AIDIMA, AIJU, AIMME, etc..) Automotive companies such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, Fiat and Ford, national toy companies such as Popular de Juguetes y Famosa or international ones such as Lego, Chicco and Fisher -Price, or other companies like TMC Electronics, Philips Electronics NK, SP Industries, IKEA, ISABA, Antares Lighting, Airtel / Vodafone. Several dozen more companies could also be mention. For further information, please see the Lists of Associated and Collaborating Companies.